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Apparently, spring is on its way, not that you’d know it from the weather, but it’s in a spirit of optimism here at Village Voice towers that we nevertheless welcome you to our spring edition.

Our front page brings with it some sad news, with the death of one of our paper’s founding members, David Bellis. David was our dear friend and our colleague and we will miss him. In our April edition we will publish a full celebration of his life.

Parking continues to dominate our news pages, with last month’s proposals from the county council as to a road solution for Melbourne now being keenly debated by Melbourne Parish Council. We have also received an unprecedented number of letters on the subject, with no fewer than nine missives on the issue having been sent to us. We have published them all, and we are sure this issue will continue to be fervently discussed for many weeks to come. We have been assured by the parish council that there WILL be a public meeting for people to come along and air their opinions. Do make yours known – this is Melbourne residents’ chance to influence road changes that will have a big impact on our community, for better or worse.

Inside our pages, there’s news of the Staley family’s latest fundraiser for the NICU and foetal medicine at Royal Derby Hospital in memory of their “shining star”, baby Lyra, which hopefully plenty of people will be able to support. On page 11, Frank Hughes’ fascinating feature tells of some of the interesting local finds that have been taken into antiques expert James Lewis. Could there be cash in your attic? Get yourself down to one of the valuation days at the Assembly Rooms on the first Monday of every month – that mouldering old moth-covered antique up the loft could be worth a tidy sum! Or, on the other hand, it could be after all just a mouldering old moth-covered antique … The point is you’ll never know unless you ask.

Sports news … Melbourne Dynamo Football Club are on fab form at the moment with regular diary slots for cup finals, plus Connie Dumelow – a pupil at Melbourne Junior School – has achieved more remarkable success by being selected to play table tennis for England! We wish all the very best of luck for her matches at the beginning of April. 

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